Carrying a torn plaid suitcase held together by a plastic belt, Angel Bright walked away from the pre-fab flat. They moved around a lot. That is, whenever her mother's newest boyfriend split. Now it was just the two of them scraping by, in the dregs of blue-collar paradise...

After the publication of Teen Angel and Maiden Rites, Pilcer joked that she had become a training bra and hickey expert. Thus, an offer to write a novelization, based on a script of a teen film that was in production at the time. She had no idea when she adapted the screenplay of Little Darlings as a full-length novel, that the film would become a classic and her book, a paperback bestseller for two weeks.

Presented as the story of "two innocent girls in a race not to stay that way", it took place in an upstate summer camp. Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichols were the stars.

"Girls can do a lot of growing up in a summer, and that is precisely what the young ladies of Camp Little Wolf plan to do. In addition to swimming, boating, and arts and crafts, the campers have arranged a private contest: who among them will be the first to lose her virginity."

Little Darlings was a paperback bestseller (Ballantine) in the States and in Spain. Barcelona Press published it under the title No Quiero Ser Virgen - I Don't Want to be a Virgin.