I'm not the kind of girl you think I am. That's what I tell guys. Sure, they say, you're no whore. Meanwhile, sweetheart, they've got their hands all over me. Which I certainly don't mind. But I figure I have to be straight with them. Otherwise you can get yourself in mucho trouble...

One day in the life of Manhattan in the late 80s. I-LAND captures the unique texture of the city through a series of comic interlocking monologues, delivered by a Soho artist, a psychotherapist, a stockbroker, an actor/waiter, a fourteen year old punk princess, a transsexual model, a weight-obsessed magazine editor, a call girl, a drug dealer/rock drummer, and a bride and groom on the eve of their wedding.

"Delectably delicious monologues... Characters on the prowl for love and constantly fretting about sexually transmitted diseases and cellulite. Pilcer's ear is true and her hyped-up voices provide great entertainment."
Publishers Weekly

"These people are alive, whacked-out, lonesome, funny, catty, slobby, distraught, nervy, intelligent, defeated - with one thing on the brain, male or female: s-e-x."
Jerry Tallmer, New York Post

"Pilcer has an uncanny eye and ear for detail, and she writes short, snappy sentences ... She paints her characters in full New York City technicolor brilliance, vividly portraying their foibles, which often have to do with hackneyed schemes to achieve sexual success."
Lorenzo Carcaterra, New York Daily News

I-LAND was published as a trade paperback by Ballantine Books. Pilcer turned I-LAND into a theatrical play, which ran for six years at the 13th Street Rep Theater. It also had performances at the Pasadena Playhouse.