The Czestochowa Society of Heroes, Martyrs and Refugees had decorated the community room with crepe paper and silver foil stars. The American song Funny Face was playing. That's when she spotted him. The dark-haired man in a navy blue suit several sizes too large, his jacket suspended as from a wire hanger...

Pilcer has said that she became a novelist to write about her family's history, and her own as a child of Holocaust survivors. It took her four previous books to build up the stamina and chops, not to mention several agents, and 30 plus submissions - to find a publisher.

With unique emotional honesty, Sonia Pilcer illuminates Zosha's journey through the terra incognita of life as a "2G" - a Second Generation Holocaust survivor. Fiercely moving and somehow funny too, this collection of linked autobiographical stories captures what it means to be born in the shadows of death, and to live and love without forgetting.

"Wit and humor interface with stark realities and unanswerable questions... Provocative fiction, not just for the second generation but for all our collective memories."

"Articulate and unerring... a daunting work."
Alan L. Berger, Hadassah Magazine

"The stories vibrate with Pilcer's own tremendous energy and vitality... in the midst of all this death, the writer herself is so alive."
The Jerusalem Post

"... Elie Wiesel shot through with a heavy dose of Henry Miller and a little bit of early Philip Roth for good measure."
The Berkshire Eagle

"Flinty dialogue and artful imagery ... transforming, healing."
Albany Times Union

"The Holocaust Kid will be familiar to readers of Pilcer's earlier novels, but this is clearly her strongest, deepest work, one that will bring up conflicting emotions and resonate long after the book has been put down."
The Women's Review of Books

The Holocaust Kid was originally published by Persea Books (edited by Karen Braziller). Delta published the paperback edition. Pilcer adapted The Holocaust Kid as a theatrical play. It has had performances in the Berkshires and in New York City.