Sonia Pilcer was born in Augsburg, Germany and raised in the boroughs of New York City. Her latest book THE LAST HOTEL: A Novel in Suites is based on the residential hotel her father managed on the Upper Westside in the 70s.

TEEN ANGEL, her first novel, launched Pilcer's career in her twenties. It was bought by Universal Studios and she wrote the screenplay with Garry Marshall. The book has recently been reissued in a 35th Year Anniversary Edition. Her other novels include MAIDEN RITES, LITTLE DARLINGS, and I-LAND: MANHATTAN MONOLOGUES. Her adaptation of I-LAND played at the Thirteenth Street Repertory Theater for six years. Most recently, THE HOLOCAUST KID, her deepest and most personal book, explored the meaning of being '2G', a Second Generation Holocaust survivor. Her theatrical adaptation was staged at Shakespeare & Co in Lenox, Mass.

Sonia Pilcer teaches at Berkshire Community College and the Writers Voice in New York City, as well as privately.